B & D Walter Trucking Ltd. is a locally owned and operated business specializing in the transport of grain, fertilizer, and cattle. We are based in Lethbridge, Alberta, in the Heart of Southern Alberta. We specialize in the transportation of goods between the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwestern United States.






Our staff is comprised of a focused team of professionals and are dedicated to providing customized solutions for your shipping needs. We take pride in our strong customer service and our goal is to deliver consistent results day in and day out. We do that by paying attention to the details and sticking to the basics:

• Picking up and delivering your shipment on time •

• Tracking your shipment from pickup through to delivery •

• Immediately advising you should a problem arise •

• Taking great care in the handling of every shipment •

• Advising you when your shipment is delivered •

• Being open, honest and available at all times •